Cuisine - Bianconiglio
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Are you ready to surrender to temptation?

Bringing to a place like San Vito Lo Capo a menu of meat dishes only, initially seemed a risky move, but since the very beginning it tickled the curiosity of the enthusiasts and of those that love good food and don’t fall victim to cliches.

Ours is a cuisine that does not waste and where the chef Vincenzo enjoys himself telling stories always new.

We choose the best products on the market, we study them, fall in love with them and serve them as we wish to find them in our own plates. Our cuisine is respectful of tastes and the origins of the ingredients, a cuisine that surprises and seduces.

It nourishes body and soul, it’s a place where delicious meets fun.

carne - Ristorante Bianconiglio
formaggi - Ristorante Bianconiglio
menu - Ristorante Bianconiglio

Our menu has been created for those that love meat and for those that like to pair good cheese with a yet better glass of wine. But ours is also inclusive cuisine, a place of sharing: whoever, even those that don’t eat meat per taste or choice, can find a surprise.

Tartare - Ristorante Bianconiglio San Vito Lo Capo
Salumi - Ristorante Bianconiglio San Vito Lo Capo
Spiedino - Ristorante Bianconiglio San Vito Lo Capo

Our menu

On the tip of the blade (Artisan-made starters)

The artist’s palette

San Daniele, Iberico, Goose salami, Salami of black Nebrodi swine, Alpeggio speck, Horse bresaola, Primo Sale cheese, Pecorino di Fossa cheese, Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese (24 months), Roman Pecorino cheese, Buffalo mozarella bites, Blue cheese, Caponata e ricotta cheese cocote, Focaccia bread and toasted bread with Colonnata lard slices.

Selection of smoked and seasoned raw hams
Selection of salami
Selection of typical cheeses
Selection of aged cheeses

The Tartares


Knife-minced fillet, extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh lemon or lime juice, capers


Knife-minced fillet, anchovies, capers, mustard, egg yolk, Worchester sauce, tabasco


Knife-minced fillet, capers, apple, antique mustard, Calvados, Worchester sauce


Slim slices of fillet, poppy seeds, black truffle flakes, Mozia salt, extra virgin olive oil, Wasabi mayonnaise


Knife-minced fillet, pistachios, red onion, extra virgin olve oil, salt, orange juice drops

Summer fantasy

Avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh lime juice, basil, mint, red onion, chili peppers, yogurt sauce

Hamburger 180 gr.

Burger tartar

Raw minced beef, goat cheese, capers, mustard, Wasabi mayonnaise, chives, oil, alt, pepper

Vincent burger

Beef, grilled peppers and onion, blue cheese, mustard, tomatoe marmalade

The Classic

Beef, tomato, lettuce, pickle, sauce of your choice


Beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacaon, BBQ sauce


Beef, Primo sale cheese, anchovies, tomato, basil pesto, crunchy almonds, oil, oregano

The Grill

Fillets (Tenderloin)

English heifer (scottona)

Irish heifer (scottona)

Local heifer (scottona)

Piglet with ginger an honey

Tagliata (sliced beef)

in aromatic crust of pistachios with balsamic vinegar sauce (ristretto)

with rocket, cherry tomatoes and Parmigiano cheese

in a crust of coffee and cacao, with sauce of porto and coffee after-taste

Fiorentine (T-Bone steak)

Bavarian heifer (scottona)

Italina heifer (scottona)

Polish heifer (scottona)

Local heifer (scottona)


Beef ribs


Bianconiglio (The white Rabbit)

Rabbit medallions with the secrets of the chef

Lamb ribs

Grilled of with pears, raisins and spring onions

La spada (The sword)

Mix of various meats and vegetables

From Easter Friday to the First of May

Mix of sausages: traditional, “cunzata” and with lemon

Neither meat nor fish

La caponata

Traditional plate with stewed eggplant, tomatoes, onion, celery, olives and vinegar, topped with flakes of dark chocolate

Eggplant parmigiana

Baked eggplant, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, fresh basil

Green Lasagna

Warm lasagna with green beans and potatoes in green sauce

All burgers are served with baked potatoes.

All Grill and Speciality plates are served with a side dish.