Cuisine - Bianconiglio
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Are you ready to surrender to temptation?

Bringing to a place like San Vito Lo Capo a menu of meat dishes only, initially seemed a risky move, but since the very beginning it tickled the curiosity of the enthusiasts and of those that love good food and don’t fall victim to cliches.

Ours is a cuisine that does not waste and where the chef Vincenzo enjoys himself telling stories always new.

We choose the best products on the market, we study them, fall in love with them and serve them as we wish to find them in our own plates. Our cuisine is respectful of tastes and the origins of the ingredients, a cuisine that surprises and seduces.

It nourishes body and soul, it’s a place where delicious meets fun.

Our menu has been created for those that love meat and for those that like to pair good cheese with a yet better glass of wine. But ours is also inclusive cuisine, a place of sharing: whoever, even those that don’t eat meat per taste or choice, can find a surprise.

Our menu

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