Cocktail Bar - Bianconiglio
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Cocktail Bar


Cuisine to drink

Happy hour or aperitivo, call it as you like, but after a hot day on the sunny beaches of San Vito Lo Capo, a fresh cocktail is a must. We welcome all of you who like to have fun at every hour. At the end we also call it a day with a good mojito or with one of our specialties.

Cuisine to drink – this is how we like to think of our list of cocktails. Each year we add new ones, traveling around the world with their exotic tastes or going back to grandma’s garden trough the aromas of the herbs we use.

The spices are always there, just like the good dessert – part of the Sicilian tradition – to accompany your glass.

But also a good analcolic drink can tell a story and surprise – this is why our menu has choices of any kind and more, and even what does not yet exhist, but is a special Client request.

Don’t hesitate to ask for what you’d like to have in your glass.

The secret? High quality products, a careful selection of fresh ingredients typical for the season and the professional knowledge and preparation of who mixes them are what makes the difference.

At Bianconiglio we don’t accept prejudice, just pleasure: we can discover that there’s a cocktail perfect to sip while chewing on your juicy fillet.