Ristorante Bianconiglio - San Vito Lo Capo
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About us


I piaceri della carne

Bianconiglio, aims to break convictions and conventions, letting you discover with brand new eyes what’s around you, just like Alice in Wonderland.

Bianconiglio is the first and only restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo that offers its guests a complete experience exclusivelly based on meat products. Each dish tells a story and at the same time gives the possibility to discover a brand new ending.

We love meat well-done, but also raw and we love to serve it in ways always new, with exuberant accompaniments, without ever forgetting the glass of wine next to the plate.

The journey in excellence among wonders for the senses guides the dinner in a timelesness free of rules.

We put in our menu and on our table what we love – also in our selection of wines, without forgetting to experiment with new and “artisan” mixes.

We created Bianconiglio to tell a new story and every detail of it tells a bit about us, about what we love and what surrounds us, of what comes to our minds when we close our eyes and think of beauty.

Bianconiglio is a place of constant change, where each one of you leaves a print and writes a new page of the story.

Who we are

Daniele Catalano – Ristorante Bianconiglio

Daniele Catalano

Owner & Maitre

Daniele Catalano, after years dedicated to the study of Arts, in 2005 discovers the world of food, wine and hospitality and remains deeply impressed by its creative possibilities.

He realizes that arts, food and sicilian hospitality, if mixed in the right way can give incredible and unique energy.

This is how he breathes life to Karma B&B, the first bed-and-breakfast gourmet of San Vito Lo Capo.

His passion for excellent wine and cuisine grows in parallel with his catering and event-organization experience for prestigious clients. Daniele leaves his Sicily only for Milan, melting pot and city of never-ending excitement, where for more than a decade he looks to satisfy his apetite for innovation, uniqueness and surprise.

Bianconiglio is born to tell his love for things beauiful and good, in a way true and authentic. It’s born out of friedship, the one with Vincenzo, with whom he created the restaurant. He is the other half of the whole or, yet better – the other side of the hamburger!

chef vincenzo pagano – Ristorante Bianconiglio

Vincenzo Pagano

Owner & Chef

Vincenzo Pagano, at the beginning of his carreer, thought that the world of food and wine is only a way to sustain his university studies. Time shows, however, that destiny and enthusiasm had the best and won this challenge.

His passion today is called food, cuisine, bar, wine, cocktails. It’s called Bianconiglio.

Vincenzo talks about a fillet with the same enthusiasm with which he talks about cinema, one of his biggest inerests. His dishes tell a story in which he’s the film director, each time with different ingredients and every time the best ones.

To him Bianconiglio is not just work, it’s the responsibility towards those that, every day, choose to discover a new plate, the responsibility towards family and colleagues, and, all this makes him feel a truly lucky man.

It’s the passion that pushes his continuous desire to learn and gives fuel to his dedication. When Bianconiglio was born, Vincenzo was behind the bar, but when the story you’re telling is your own, you wish to live and write on every page, or almost..

The co-director of his film is Daniele.